your Financial Companion in Green
and Circular Economy Projects

SID Bank provides debt and equity financing, as well as various forms of risk assumption and sharing, for transactions and projects at the local, regional and national levels. By financing and insuring exports and investments abroad and as a national export credit agency, it provides opportunities for export transactions, reduces nonmarketable business risks and thus creates stable conditions for the international operations of Slovenian companies in 90 countries. At the same time, SID Bank is an entry point for Slovenian companies when it comes to exploring the possibility of financing projects within the Investment Plan for Europe (the so-called Juncker Fund).



SID Bank does not focus on the short-term private benefits of individual transactions but works towards long-term social benefits. It primarily provides its services in cooperation with commercial banks, savings banks and funds, as well as directly. SID Bank's products effectively complement the offer of commercial banks and thus eliminate market deficiencies or market gaps that arise when there is no adequate supply of financial and insurance services on the market by the private sector that would meet the demand of companies. SID Bank thus assumes higher risks (especially longer loan maturities, lower yields and lower credit insurance requirements), which is especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, we promote growth and export, as well as internationalisation, which is crucial for economic growth. 

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SID Bank uses the European cohesion funds through the Fund of Funds and has thus taken an important step towards the transition from grants to repayable funds. As a result, SID Bank ensures the multiplication of funds and the re-use of cohesion funds in the economy.

the concept of
the circular

One of the key priorities of the SID Bank is financing of green and circular economy projects. This is confirmed by the issuance of a green bond, for which SID Bank received a prestigious international award and through which it finances green investments in the environment, renewable energy sources, clean transport and
sustainable management and urban development.