your Financial Companion in Green
and Circular Economy Projects


SID Bank’s financing for companies is available to small and medium sized enterprises, sole proprietors, big companies and cooperatives as well as research and educational institutions, municipalities and other legal persons governed by public or private law and established in the Republic of Slovenia for the internationalization of operations of Slovene companies, as well as for developmental, environmental, regional, infrastructural and other projects, which strengthen the Slovene economy.

Also eligible for financing are companies and other legal entities established outside of the Republic of Slovenia, who are buyers of Slovene goods or services, or hold a majority ownership in a company from the Republic of Slovenia.

To eligible borrowers we provide a free, unconditional and first-class guarantee for loans rented from commercial banks, based on European cohesion policy and financial intermediaries funds we offer microcredits for favorable financing of day-to-day operations, financing for development of innovative investments through debt forms of financing, we provide funding to start-up companies to encourage further development of new successful enterprises.

Our financing for companies is available:

  • directly through SID bank,
  • indirectly through our financial intermediaries and
  • through Fund of Funds, managed by SID bank.

To see all the available programs please visit the following