Dear investors


Mayor of the City of Maribor


Let Maribor become your
investment opportunity!

Allow me to invite you to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia and a place of exceptional opportunities, offering investors the best for business, work, and life. The city of Maribor, has a story of intertwining creativity, knowledge, focus on progress, and the environment. It’s a story enjoyed by the people who live here and thus create it. With a highly developed infrastructure, integration within the logistics network, and an excellent geolocation in the very centre of Europe, Maribor offers a first-class business environment to establish or expand a business. It is located at the best possible spot, surrounded by one of the strongest economic areas in 6 7 the world with prime access to various markets in Europe.

One of the advantages of the Slovenian business environment, and thus of Maribor, is its openness to foreign investment. This is reflected in competitive tax policies, investment incentives, access to finances and a highly skilled workforce. Slovenia is known in the world as a green country. Its second largest city Maribor focuses on sustainable development and enables a balance between business life and leisure time. Its urban area is an example of coexistence with nature, sustainable orientation, and responsibility to the environment’s most valuable treasures. Therefore, doing business in Maribor also means being in contact with nature that surrounds the city.

Maribor is also a place with a rich historic legacy and a cultural tradition that spreads out like an endless museum in midst of those living in the city. You will find these stories presented in this brochure. I hope you will enjoy reading it. You will also find contacts that will help you find your opportunity in Maribor. Finally, I would like to once again invite you to Maribor, a city of unlimited potentials, a place where quality of life comes first, and a meeting place for creative people.