People of Maribor



Marcos Magno Morales Tavares

is a forward and captain of FC Maribor. A 36-year-old Brazilian nicknamed Tava, has been inseparably linked with Maribor since the beginning of 2008. Why does he like the city and what would he recommend to anyone coming to Maribor?


What is the most beautiful thing about Maribor?

First and foremost the people who live here. I was warmly received when I arrived. Now I feel at home here. The most beautiful thing that can happen to you as a foreigner is that the people accept you into a new environment. In Maribor, the most beautiful place is its football stadium, Ljudski vrt. This is my second home. I also like Lent and Pohorje but Maribor has many beautiful locations.

As a Brazilian footballer, what do you think of the character of people of Maribor?

People here are completely different than in Brazil. They have a different character. Above all, I would say they are warm, kind, helpful and always willing to help. Whenever I talk about Maribor and the people from Maribor, I feel warmth in my heart.

Where do you like to go in Maribor at weekends?

The weekends are always busy for me as are the weekdays. Football practice always comes first. At weekends I spend more time with my family, as the children are not in school. Both my sons play football and I usually watch a match with my family where they play. On Sundays I spend time with my friends at the church.

Do you have many friends among the people of Maribor?

Here is my life, my family and most of my friends. Over the years, you learn who you can trust. There are always a lot of friends around. Especially when you’re in a place like myself. But I have a close group of people around me. These are the close friends whom I trust and share the challenges we face every day.

How do you feel about the status of being the most famous foreigner in Maribor?

This is really a great honour for me. I never thought I would be in a situation like that. That really means a lot to me. I also want to give back to the people, I always take time for handshakes, signatures, photos… It’s an inspiration on a daily basis. It also means a lot that my family feels good here. I am happy and proud to see the smiles on their faces.

Where do you like to eat in Maribor?

There are a lot of good restaurants in Maribor: Nana, Rožmarin, Hotel City, Jack & Joe, as well as the Marco inn, which is probably named after me (laugh).

What would you recommend to a foreign investor who wants to do business in Maribor?

Part of his investment should go into the sports industry. Sport is the best ambassador of business. It seems to me that many are still unaware of the impact of sport. Athletes will always be the best ambassadors. After all, we give people joy and we connect them.