Why to invest in Maribor


In the heart of Europe with a quality road, air, rail and maritime infrastructure that provides connections to Europe and an excellent starting point to enter the Western Balkans markets.

Innovative oriented

Home to many innovative, researchoriented companies operating in the most competitive foreign markets, positioned high in the value chains of the world's most established suppliers and brands.

High quality

Highly educated, technologically welltrained workforce.


Favourable business environment, open,to foreign investments and development opportunities.

High quality
of life

Pristine nature, sophisticated infrastructure, comfortable living conditions, exceptional safety and short distances between various urban centres which are easily accessible, Maribor and Slovenia offer the highest possible quality of life.

An international transport point
in the heart of Europe

Being at the crossroads of the Adriatic-Baltic and Mediterranean corridors, international traffic routes on the North-South and East-West lines meet in Slovenia. With a logistics network comprising about 40,000 km of roads, 1,200 km of railway tracks, three main airports and the Port of Koper, Slovenia is a powerful transport hub and economic and business starting point for both the west and the east. Slovenia has the potential to further strengthen its role in the future, also due to ongoing infrastructure projects: construction of a second track between Divača and Koper, establishment of a road connection of the third development axis between Koroška in the north and Vinica on the southern border with Croatia, and the construction of the expansion of the Karavanke motorway tunnel. In Slovenia, at the centre of all of the above, is Maribor, which is equally connected to all strategic points in the north, south, east and west.



its Surrounding

Maribor’s favourable location is to be emphasised. It is at the crossroads of pan-European routes, the junction of the 5th Pan-European Road Corridor, which connects Barcelona and Kiev, and the 10th Pan-European Road Corridor, which connects Salzburg and the second largest Greek city, Thessaloniki. This provides direct access to the European market, which is ideal for e-commerce and distribution. It is less than 70 km to Graz, 260 km to Vienna, 130 km to Klagenfurt, 340 km to Budapest and 120 km to Zagreb. And 125 km to Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital. But there are even more advantages to Maribor's location. Only 230 km from Maribor is Port of Koper.