Bussiness Champions


In the heart of Europe with a quality road, air, rail and maritime infrastructure that provides connections to Europe and an excellent starting point to enter the Western Balkans markets.

Innovative oriented

Home to many innovative, researchoriented companies operating in the most competitive foreign markets, positioned high in the value chains of the world's most established suppliers and brands.

High quality

Highly educated, technologically welltrained workforce.


Favourable business environment, open,to foreign investments and development opportunities.

High quality
of life

Pristine nature, sophisticated infrastructure, comfortable living conditions, exceptional safety and short distances between various urban centres which are easily accessible, Maribor and Slovenia offer the highest possible quality of life.



There are many successful small and medium-sized companies based in Maribor, who are the champions in their field. What do they say about Maribor as a city for business and life?

Micro + Polo, d.o.o.

An excellent family business, the largest
Slovenian supplier of laboratory equipment and a manufacturer of laboratory furniture. Voted the best employer of Podravje 2019.



"Maribor offers investors a strategically and logistically excellent location – the city is only 70 km away from Graz in Austria, about the same to the Hungarian border, 120 km from the Croatian capital Zagreb and the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. The airport is also nearby. The city has a rich industrial tradition, it is a university city and a regional administrative centre. There are quite a few banks in the city, Nova KBM as the largest regional bank is based in Maribor, as well as Post of Slovenia and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund.

The city is transforming from an industrial centre into a city of service activities and sustainable tourism, all of which offer investors many opportunities. As the European Capital of Culture in 2012, Maribor also accelerated the development of cultural tourism. The city hosts several well-established international cultural events: Borštnik’s meeting with a tradition going back almost half a century, the same goes for the Maribor Festival, while Lent Festival is one of the most recognisable multicultural events, and there is also the international CIOFF accredited folklore festival Folkart.

Because the city’s mayor is an entrepreneur by heart, investors can count on forthcoming cooperation from city officials.

Maribor has many business zones that offer investors the infrastructure to set up a business. The internationally renowned University of Maribor educates highly professionally qualified workforce and also cooperates extensively with the business sector. Maribor still has many opportunities for expansion, but at the same time offers a great quality of life: many green areas, proximity to Pohorje, many opportunities for recreation and playing different sports in the city, cultural life for all tastes. Most residents speak at least one foreign language (English or German). In Maribor, as in the rest of Slovenia, there is a high level of digital literacy, and the information and communication structure is well developed.

The city is also at a high level in terms of sports: the Maribor football club is at the top of the national league and almost every year it competes in Europe’s Champions League. Volleyball players are also at the top of the Slovenian league, as are the handball players. The trademark sporting event is the Golden Fox Women's World Cup skiing competition every year, which celebrated its 50th anniversary. Maribor is primarily a ski town - the only one where you can reach the ski slopes with a city bus.«


Quadro, d.o.o.

A company that creates top gastronomic stories.
 “Some cities have beautiful nature, others good social life, opera and theatres. Some have good universities, robust business environment or a vibrant start-up scene. Maribor has all of the above and things change for the better every year. Maribor is a wonderful place to live and create, with an exceptional price and quality of life ratio. "







Maribor has everything,
from the most important
digital conference to
lively start-ups!

Digital technology and IT solutions are leading the way for companies, municipalities, and the government in their digital transformation. This is especially important and necessary in contemporary conditions. In this respect, Maribor is an important and future-oriented player that, through various activities, strengthens efficiency, innovation potential, general economic growth and the general well-being of Slovenian society.

Have you heard of Podim Digital Experience, Dewesoft and 3fs?

Over the last decade, the Podim Digital Experience (DX) event has established itself as the most influential start-up and technology event in the Alpe-Adria and the Western Balkans region. The event brings together around 1,000 start-ups and emerging companies, investors and other key stakeholders each year with one goal: to offer a new dimension and experience in Europe’s increasingly important start-up ecosystem. The platform offers everything for optimal spill-over effects of technology, knowledge and good practices.

Maribor offers even more: it can also rely on other IT companies in the area that maintains and deepens their knowledge and skills in the field of technology and digitalization. A special place and opportunity for cooperation with companies, when talking about the potential for the development of the investment environment, is the business incubator at the University of Maribor. The latter is involved in the integrated development of start-up companies in the area.

In Maribor, we can also find some champions in advanced technological and digital industries. For example, the top manufacturer of high-tech measuring instruments Dewesoft, the winner of Slovenian exports in 2020, which is creating more than 150,000 EUR of added value per employee. Another such example is 3fs, which works with the best in the world, such as Ericsson, in order to offer leading technical and business-technical solutions. There is also the Factory of Ideas, a developer of sophisticated applications designed for business players and others who want to create a first-class mobile experience for their users. These companies are not only established and recognised, but also rewarded for their work and role in the wider region.