Quality workforce


In the heart of Europe with a quality road, air, rail and maritime infrastructure that provides connections to Europe and an excellent starting point to enter the Western Balkans markets.

Innovative oriented

Home to many innovative, researchoriented companies operating in the most competitive foreign markets, positioned high in the value chains of the world's most established suppliers and brands.

High quality

Highly educated, technologically welltrained workforce.


Favourable business environment, open,to foreign investments and development opportunities.

High quality
of life

Pristine nature, sophisticated infrastructure, comfortable living conditions, exceptional safety and short distances between various urban centres which are easily accessible, Maribor and Slovenia offer the highest possible quality of life.

A well educated
and skilled



An educated and talented workforce are Maribor’s trump card for investors, as employees with knowledge and skills are essential for contemporary jobs with high added value. The basis of education in Maribor are 17 secondary schools. The main educational centre is the Uni versit y of Maribor. In addition, increasing number of people are opting for education in other educational institutions, such as the Doba College, which is the largest private educational institution in Slovenia; the Alma Mater Europaea Higher Education Institution or the Maribor College of Hospitality and Tourism. Many people from Maribor also study in Graz and Ljubljana.



38% of Slovenes speak three or more foreign languages; 63% speak at least two foreign languages and two out of three speak English. The EF English Proficiency Index, which measures the level of English language proficiency in a population where English is a foreign language, places Slovenia very high: often right behind the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands.



46 %

of young people (aged 19-24) are enrolled in higher education

91 %

of youth attending secondary education

65 %

of pupils attend vocational, technical and vocational secondary school programs